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10/07/10 08:33 AM #1    

Carol Atwood (Toran)

Please note if anyone is changing their email or resetting their password you need to click on save changes at the bottom of the page. 

We apologize for removing older messages.

We needed to make room for most recent messages .

REUNION  TIME  is just around the corner

There are over 161 missing classmate addresses.

Please take time to help out if you or anyone you know have kept in touch, or if you know of anyone who has passed away and is not in the in memory list.

Please send an update.

In order to cut down on mailing expenses it is also going to be important to have updated e-mail addresses for future communications.


03/31/21 08:04 PM #2    


James O'Neil

I like the food bank idea as well.  So many different groups of people have suffered so much during the past year that it can be used about anywhere.  Obviously, most of us have had some mental health issues in varying degrees.

On a complete different note, I want to re-introduce myself; "I'm Jim and I'm an Alcoholic". That's pretty much how I introduce myself these days. I know many of you may be saying "no kidding, I've known you were a drunk since 9th grade" and you'd probably be right. I've been talking to Suzanne (Pike) Seri and she has given me permission to mention that she too is a "Friend of Bill W".  We have been talking about maybe setting up a meeting or going out to lunch while everyone else is playing golf or going shopping. It would be completely open to anyone that is interested, whether you're a member of AA, NA, are a family member of someone with substance abuse issues or are just curious.  Suzanne and I only found out we were both in recovery a couple of days ago but we have been in recovery for a number of years (she longer than I). We've communicated more in the past few days more than all the years we were in home rooms together. As I look forward to the reunion, seeing old friends and some I've only reconnected with recently I would hate for anyone to miss it for fear that they might not be able to handle themselves around alcohol and the accompanying "party atmosphere".  Please come, Suzanne and I are working to make sure everyone can enjoy themselves and have a safe haven if things do get a little weird. If you have any suggestions for other activities or events, please let us know, we'd love the input and participation.  In the meantime, if you are struggling and want to talk to someone, my phone number is (508) 613-5933 and my personal email is Feel free to reach out.   Given the myriad of mental health and substance issues in society and the real pandemic which is the Opioid Crisis, very few of us are unaffected. 

Jim O'Neil

06/24/21 08:26 PM #3    

Carol Atwood (Toran)

Just  to be clear Friday night at the Sheraton will be pay your own way.
The buffet dinner and desert is Saturday night please register up on the left by clicking on register here for 50th the ticket fee is $90 per person. 
Note:any one who has a Verizon email should send me an updated email address


Saturday evening October 9th, 2021 our 50th reunion wil l be held at the Needham Golf Club starting at 6:00.

Hopefully, many of us will have had the vaccine and will be following suggested guidlines. We are looking for a great turnout. 

The majority would like a meet up Friday night at the Needham Sheraton bar and lounge. Pay your own way.                         

On Saturday evening dinner, dessert  cash bar with soft background music.

It has Been customary to make a donation to a charity at every class reunion. 
This years 50th reunion we will make a donation supporting the local non-profit  Needham Community Council a local food pantry. They offer meals and clothing from donations. 

Please feel free to use the message board if you would like to plan any other activities outside of the event on Saturday night. 

07/11/21 02:14 PM #4    


James O'Neil

Thanks Carol, it's a great idea.   Another thing I wanted to bring up as an option for any classmates in recovery, is that there's an AA meeting at Carter Methodist in the Heights on Friday evenings.  There's a beginners meeting that starts at 6:30 followed by a regular meeting at 9.  Both of them are "open meetings" so anyone is welcome.  It would be a great way to get a boost of serenity before the other events of the reunion. I'd be happy to commit to being there if anyone else is interested and wants to join in.  You can either hit me up here or on my email or call or text (508) 613-5933.



07/12/21 10:29 AM #5    


Chris Pooley

Carol & other 1971 Classmates,

One of the other activities mentioned was a round of golf.  While I am working on this at the Needham Golf Club, we currently have a 1 guest policy.  The amount of play with Covid has been greater than ever making tee times hard to get.  While there is still a possibity, the number of players would be small i.e. 8-12.  I will post if things change.

Best wishes,


07/18/21 08:43 AM #6    

Carol Atwood (Toran)

Thank you Sue for all your help and support.

Some people have asked who is attending. 
If you log in to the website click on left classmate profiles. The list at the top (7 th one down) has a who is attending category. There it will tell you who is attending.

Thank you to all who have paid ahead it is a great incentive.  We are discouraging pay the door to get a better idea for head count, and people helping out at the door can enjoy their time with other classmates.


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