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Photos of the 50th reunion are available after signing in 

just click on yearbooks and photos

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08/31/21 10:47 AM #1    


Linda L. Marston, PhD

Thanks Tom and Chris for your comments.  I would like to remind folks that COVID is airborne, not a surface spreader.  That said, one always needs to be aware of public venues, just normally.  Get the Vax, get tested if you've been exposed, and don't do something you're uncomfortable with.  Unvaxed folks, for whatever reason, should not come.  Don't forget your booster shot later this Fall.  Looking forward to the Reunion!!


10/06/21 09:32 PM #2    


Jeff Bliss

Dear Carol,

Many thanks again to you and your team for making this happen, and Chris thanks for getting the Club for us. Despite the health and wealth issues of traveling, my wife Joyce and son Garrett are making the trip from DC as well. While Garrett hangs at the hotel pool we intend to take full advantage of the 'Rocket vaccine booster' offered at the bar and hope to catch up with so many of you that I have missed these many years. What an awesome class...Thanks to all, Jeff

10/07/21 08:29 AM #3    


Barbara Bowen (Carr)

Carol, to echo the others, thank you so much for the time & effort you spend to keep our class in touch! It is appreciated! For all of you who are going to the reunion, I hope you have a wonderful time & are able to stay safe & healthy! Those of us who, for one reason or another, aren't attending will hope for some memories & photos afterward!

10/08/21 07:45 PM #4    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

I'll miss those of you who won't be at reunion, but I totally understand!  I'm looking forward to having a wonderful time celebrating 50! yrs since graduation.  I HATE the masks, but I'm wearing one anyway (they're really good at hiding wrinkles), & I've had all 3 Pfizer jabs, along w a geriatric flu vax.  A pic of my vax card is in my phone.

See you tomorrow evening!  Stay healthy and happy.  Jim, I hope you are feeling OK, sorry you got exposed.  I'll definitely take some pics, Bev, for you too.  Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music...

10/09/21 08:45 AM #5    


Virginia Vasil (Dorn)

Sorry you won't be able to make the reunion Jim, but understand and thank you for not taking the risk of making yourself and posssibly others sick.  I was looking forward to reconnecting.  Stay safe & healthy!  Ginny


10/09/21 09:32 AM #6    


Carole Coleman (Graziano)

Dear 1971 Classmates:

I want to wish you a great reunion evening tonight as you gather together again for the first time in 50 years! I live in San Diego and will not be attending, but I wanted to take a moment to say hi and to wish you all well. Thank you to Carol and others who worked so hard to put this event together.

My best personal regards,

Carole Coleman Graziano



10/09/21 10:50 AM #7    


Martha S. Torrey

Martha Torrey

I wish everyone a wonderful 50th reunion, and and a chance to hear everyone's thoughts and stories!
I wish i could be there.
Sing them songs!

10/09/21 12:27 PM #8    


Ruth Tracey

Thank you Carol for all the reunion work! Down in FL and will not be attending. Have only been to one back in 1992. 50 would have been amazing. Was actually supposed to be on a long trip in Europe right now but my fellow travelers backed out. Thank you Covid! Enjoy everyone and stay safe!

10/09/21 02:17 PM #9    


Jared Sacks

Not that coming from Holland would have been a problem, but I could not get other possible visits together to combine the reunion with work.   My wife and I have a wonderful house on a river in the country side and with the kids out of the house we have a B&B with five rooms

We can have the reunion in Holland!  Have a great evening.



10/10/21 09:07 AM #10    


Elizabeth Alden

Thank you Carol and all the volunteers who made last night's reunion such a successful, fun event.  So good to revive old memories and remember where we were fifty years ago.

10/10/21 10:53 AM #11    

Linda DeLeo (Roland)

 Carol, without your  tenacity this reunion could not have been possible we applaud your commitment, GREAT JOB and thank you!

10/10/21 03:21 PM #12    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

I had a BLAST!  at the reunion!  Carol, you are a wizard at pulling reunions together-every one of them!  I am so appreciative of you and your commitment to keeping our huge class reunited.

Sweet Caroline, you did it again another time!  50 yrs, yay!  Groovy!

I have 4 or 5 pics, not sure where to upload them.  They may end up on my profile.  Stay tuned!

10/10/21 03:41 PM #13    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

I uploaded a few reunion pics to my profile.  Hope anyone & everyone who took pics will do the same, so we can all enjoy memories of last night!  Thanks!

10/11/21 07:00 PM #14    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

I saw the new photos you posted from the 45th, but now i cant find the photo gallery of previous years? where is it?



After you join go to Our Yearbooks they should be there. Later after we get more pics we will do the 50th.

We went to get the photos out of my camera chip and discovered the photos from the 45th were never posted I swear they were there.


10/13/21 03:02 PM #15    


Barbara Bowen (Carr)

Although I enjoyed seeing the photos from the 50th reunion, I could hardly identify anyone! I think it would be fun if everyone would put a current photo up on your profile page! Here's mine from yesterday, a selfie I took with my trusty cell phone in front of the sketch made of me in 1970 at the graduation party!

10/13/21 03:31 PM #16    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

Loved seeing the reunion pics!  Thanks, everyone, & esp Carol, who made our 50th reunion so special!!!!

I'm still having trouble sleeping, I'm remembering how much fun it was.  Hello to all the classmates I didn't get to greet - I just saw many of them in the picture gallery.  

Hopefully by our 55th reunion, covid will be just another virus treatable with vaccines, like the flu, & we can let the good times roll once again!

10/13/21 04:25 PM #17    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

Good idea Barbara', and Yes I was there and I'm having trouble too!



10/13/21 07:52 PM #18    


Carol Atwood (Toran)


 For reunion pictures go yearbooks and reunion photos click on the first picture to begin the slide show

The pictures I have and can I D have been done

So get your glasses and on the bottom left on the slideshow there are names I am still trying to get a larger font.

I do know what you mean about recognizing people I still have trouble and I was there. Ha Ha.

So send me any photos you may have taken mates.

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