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10/07/10 08:33 AM #1    

Carol Atwood (Toran)

REUNION  TIME  is just around the corner

There are over 161 missing classmate addresses.

Please take time to help out if you or anyone you know have kept in touch, or if you know of anyone who has passed away and is not in the in memory list.

Please send an update.

In order to cut down on mailing expenses it is also going to be important to have updated e-mail addresses for future communications.


02/25/18 08:12 AM #2    

Carol Atwood (Toran)

At each reunion It has been customary to make a donation from the class to a different cause. Recently a classmate lost their sunshine, she was only 35. Hoping to save some of so many lost souls. The comittee will be making a small donation from our last reunion to Right Turn Rehabilitation Center in Watertown Ma. in her name.

For more information about Right Turn go to

If anyone would like to make additional donations click on the link which can also be found on the donation page.

03/01/20 11:06 AM #3    

Carol Atwood (Toran)

Hello and happy Birthday to all our classmates who have had and are celebrating your birthdays!                      
The 50th reunion survey results so far.                                                                                                                      

1)The majority would like a meet up Friday night at the Needham Sheraton bar and lounge.                            

2)The golfers would like a game Saturday or Sunday to be decided.

3) Due to the expected large Turnout and depending on availability the reunion will most Likely be at The Needham Golf club with background music.

Don't worry dancing queens we can still find a corner to dance.

10/12/20 08:27 AM #4    


Virginia Vasil (Dorn)

Hi Carol,

Steve Praetsch, Chuck Allen & Mary Cass are on the missing classmate list.  You may already have their info, but just in case, they are all on Facebook.   Stay safe & healthy.  Ginny

03/20/21 08:38 AM #5    

Carol Atwood (Toran)

2021 is here. We have reserved a venue for our 50th class reunion. It will take place on October 9th, 2021 at the Needham Golf Club.

Hopefully, many of us will have had the vaccine and will be following suggested guidlines. We are looking for a great turnout. 

The class survey results so far:

1)  The majority would like a meet up Friday night at the Needham Sheraton bar and lounge.                            

2)  The golfers would like a game Friday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday (TBD).    

3)  Due to the response and expected numbers we have chosen the Needham Golf Club.

4)  Soft background music was preferred.

Don't worry dancing queens we can still find a corner to dance.

Are there any sugestions for a fun night?

please email 

Go rockets!

03/21/21 09:14 AM #6    


Michele Hartigan (Deprez)

Hopefully we will be able to get out of the country!! Can't wait!!

03/21/21 03:41 PM #7    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

i  Thanks so much for all of this Carol . I just had a hip replacement  I doubt I'll be going to crazy but im happy to  use my iPod and blue tooth in a corner for those who want to dance!  








03/21/21 03:44 PM #8    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

Carol  I can get you nary Donovan's email  verizon doesn't do emails anymore . So all of those are wrong 



03/23/21 09:32 AM #9    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

Thanks, Carol!  I don't know if we'll be able to get close to each other by then, but hopefully so.  Our family is mostly vaccinated, everyone's had both vax & our dgtr & husb have an April appt for vax 2.  So just waiting to see what the medical experts have to say by Nov.  What I wouldn't do for a hug right now!  OMG...

Please, everyone, go get vaccinated!  Your classmates' health depends on your getting vaccinated!

Missing everyone, hoping to see many of you at reunion.

03/23/21 04:52 PM #10    


Barbara Bowen (Carr)

Good point, Sue! I am getting my second dose this Friday, March 26th, but I stil plan to live pretty carefully until the number of cases goes way down. At this point, I don't have any plans to go inside buildings or travel. That might stil be true by November. We'll just have to wait & see!

I sure know what you mean about hugs! I live alone & haven't had a single one for more than a year! That's first on my list after April 9th!


03/30/21 12:18 PM #11    

Carol Atwood (Toran)


It has Been  customary to make a donation to a charity at every class reunion. Past donations have been to high school scholarship, cancer, substance abuse, This reunion we are thinking since the pandemic a donation supporting Mental Heath would be a subject for a donation. We are open to any other suggestions not politically motivated. 


03/30/21 04:25 PM #12    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

Excellent idea CArol

no particular place in mind, but it's been one heck of a year 

03/30/21 06:24 PM #13    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

Mental health, esp this year, has been a huge issue for many of us.  Substance abuse as well.  Anything along those lines will be a great idea.  Thanks!

03/31/21 07:08 AM #14    


Barbara Bowen (Carr)

Something supporting mental health sounds good to me, too! This past year of isolation & anxiety has been challenging for so many & we still don't know how it will affect our future.

03/31/21 10:51 AM #15    

Debi Jaffe (McCarthy)

Those are all good causes for sure! I'd also like to add thoughts about food bank donations, no child hungry donation. Many people have lost their jobs and are having a hard time putting food on their tables. 
Thank you, Debi 



03/31/21 03:29 PM #16    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

Good idea Debi 

03/31/21 04:08 PM #17    


Melinda Bliss

Carol, I'd agree with Debi Jaffe that we should consider donating to a local food pantry or the Boston Food Bank.  I've volunteered at the one here in Marlborough for 3 years now and my husband joined me last year.  Food insecurity is very real and worse now during the pandemic, when so many people have lost their jobs or become ill.

03/31/21 05:15 PM #18    

John Dewey

I have always been partial to the Jimmy Fund.  Remember Big Brotrher Bob Emery passing the baseball bank around for the kids to donate pennies?


03/31/21 08:04 PM #19    


James O'Neil

I like the food bank idea as well.  So many different groups of people have suffered so much during the past year that it can be used about anywhere.  Obviously, most of us have had some mental health issues in varying degrees.

On a complete different note, I want to re-introduce myself; "I'm Jim and I'm an Alcoholic". That's pretty much how I introduce myself these days. I know many of you may be saying "no kidding, I've known you were a drunk since 9th grade" and you'd probably be right. I've been talking to Suzanne (Pike) Seri and she has given me permission to mention that she too is a "Friend of Bill W".  We have been talking about maybe setting up a meeting or going out to lunch while everyone else is playing golf or going shopping. It would be completely open to anyone that is interested, whether you're a member of AA, NA, are a family member of someone with substance abuse issues or are just curious.  Suzanne and I only found out we were both in recovery a couple of days ago but we have been in recovery for a number of years (she longer than I). We've communicated more in the past few days more than all the years we were in home rooms together. As I look forward to the reunion, seeing old friends and some I've only reconnected with recently I would hate for anyone to miss it for fear that they might not be able to handle themselves around alcohol and the accompanying "party atmosphere".  Please come, Suzanne and I are working to make sure everyone can enjoy themselves and have a safe haven if things do get a little weird. If you have any suggestions for other activities or events, please let us know, we'd love the input and participation.  In the meantime, if you are struggling and want to talk to someone, my phone number is (508) 613-5933 and my personal email is Feel free to reach out.   Given the myriad of mental health and substance issues in society and the real pandemic which is the Opioid Crisis, very few of us are unaffected. 

Jim O'Neil

04/01/21 08:16 AM #20    


Barbara Bowen (Carr)

Thanks for sharing, Jim. Your honesty is refreshing & I wish you well! What a good idea to give an alternative to the "party" atmosphere!

I also think food bank is a great idea! I volunteer at a food bank & food pantry here in Albany, New York. There are so many needs!

04/01/21 12:00 PM #21    


Chris Pooley

Hello Classmates,

There is a wonderful not-for-profit in Needham call the Needham Community Council.  They offer meals to families, and clothing from donations.  Prior to Covid they created a grocery store in their headquarters where families are allowed to "shop" in 15 minute intervals to protect their privacy/pride.  Sandy Robinson runs the NCC and she is a wonderful leader and a great person.

Jim O'Neill, thanks for your openness.  I doubt there is a person in our class who is unscathed by substance abuse or addiction.  It is a family disease.  I have helped many through the process of getting sober and spent 10 years trying to fix my oldest daughter, Trinity.  She picked up an opiate problem after back issues and the loss of her Mother 8 years ago helped put her over the edge.  At some point I learned I could not save her and needed to work on saving myself.  Sadly, she died from an overdose 3 years ago.  

Be well,



04/01/21 03:29 PM #22    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

Thanks, Jim, that's how I introduce myself as well.  Never thought I'd have a problem w booze!  Then college and partying came along, and.....happy hour!

Never thought I was that bad.  But I am powerless over alcohol, so no matter what our drinking patterns are, it's the craving and obsession that is alcoholism.

We don't judge, we are there to help others.  Addiction is a family disease.  It's progressive and fatal.  I do a lot of laughing and joking in meetings, there is such a thing as sober fun!  Plus, I remember what I said, and I didn't embarrass myself (any more than usual, that is, haha).

So I hope you'll join us for a meeting during the reunion if you think you may have a problem w alcohol.  It's a program of honesty, acceptance, no judgement.  It's amazing!  Jim and I know each other way better now than during our schoolmate days.

Looking forward to #50!  Covid, begone!  Time to celebrate every day and esp our 50! years since NHS class of '71 was unleashed on the world-

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