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06/19/23 07:37 PM #67    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

Is it in the yearbook? In 1 pic I think I see Jeff Bliss in a white jacket w other grads behind him...maybe he and Janice Lee were both valedictorians?  

06/19/23 10:37 PM #68    


Philip Hopfe

Now I'm confused...... was Jeff Bliss the class President ?   I DO know I wasn't the valedictorian!  Funny how we can remember some things.

 Still a bit cool here on Vancouver Island.   There was snow on the mainland in the higher elevations yesterday.  It helped with some of the massive wildfires raging across BC so that was good....

June is known a "Juneuary" in these parts. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of their summer.....Take  care and be well everyone 😎







06/19/23 10:37 PM #69    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

Jeff was president of student council , but I don't think  valedictorian 


Pretty sure it was Norman Rehn and Janice Lee I have a weird memory


06/19/23 10:40 PM #70    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

Yeah Phil , you are right! 
 I wasnt either! Homeroom buddy ,

meanwhile glad the rains and snow helped with the fires , we are still getting smoke from them off and on in Ma, and in Maine 





06/20/23 08:11 AM #71    

Kenneth Brier

I suggest that there was no official class valedictorian. Our class Graduation Exercises booklet does not include any mention of a valedictorian.  The Program includes the "Presentation of Prizes and Scholarships" by Harry Walen, but the lengthy list of scholarships and prizes makes no mention of a valedictorian award, and neither does the Program mention any valedictorian speech.

And yes, Jeff Bliss is listed as the Class President.

06/20/23 10:58 AM #72    

Michael Davis (Davis)

I believe the honor goes to Hunter Biden. He's the smartest man I know.wink



06/20/23 11:02 AM #73    

James Papadonis

Sticking withPaul Lemaire

06/20/23 11:20 AM #74    


Chris Pooley

Hello Everyone,

Bruce Canney was voted President of the NHS class of 1971.  Jeff Bliss was the VP.  Bruce dropped out of high school in his senior year so Jeff became acting president of our class.  The student council was a different group.  

As for validictorian, there was a woman named Laura (can't remember her last name) who might been the one.  

06/20/23 05:58 PM #75    


John Dewey

We may not of had any speaches.  We were of the generation of not caring about traditions.  Probaly the same reason we didn't have quotes under of names in the Yearbook.

06/20/23 06:59 PM #76    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

iWe didn't  have quotes , I was told , because our class was so big, they didn't have room!


If   anyone give a speech , I don't remember! Lol, I just remember 600 srs and their families running up the hill in a thunderstorm! And wondering where my dad and grandmother were! I found them in the front row of the bleachers. It appears my sisters boyfriend jack Bokron , and my then boyfriend Robby Welch got on the closed circuit camera and escorted my dad and grandmother to the front row, and got themselves into the gym running the closed circuit tv cameras, keave it to Jack and Robby to figure out an angle!


06/20/23 08:56 PM #77    

Susan Hilton (Cowmeadow)

Chris P. mentioned a Laura. Not sure about the Valedictorian, but Laura Howell in our class was an excellent student.


06/20/23 10:13 PM #78    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

I was thinking Laura Howell! 

06/21/23 03:38 PM #79    


John Dewey

Anyone remember the custom made t-shirts during graduation week?.  Who was on it and what

was the quote?

06/21/23 07:43 PM #80    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

I remember our graduation-went on for a long time since our class was huge!  Also the thunderstorm, so we squished into the gym for a lot of it.  My dad filmed part of the ceremony (now CDs) but came out very dark, all I can see is our shadowy figures as the sky darkened and the heavens opened!  A graduation to remember!

I also checked our yearbook for a valedictorian.  Janice Lee was also an excellent student.  We are fortunate that NHS gave us such a good education.  Some teachers were still there when our daughter, now 41, attended NHS.  I attended Parents Night and called my former teachers by their first names!  Bill McCarthy, my social studies teacher (not one of my favorite subjects) and I had a nice chat.  He was in his early 20s when he was my teacher.  What a riot to figure that out!

Speaking of graduation, what are peoples' thoughts about having reunions more often than every 5 years?

Carol, we will help you!!!! if you are up for it.  You do a great job!  Maybe we will figure out if we had a class valedictorian...I think maybe it was the class president, or we just didn't have one.

Happy summer solstice!!!


06/22/23 10:54 AM #81    


Andy Green

I have no memory of graduation...I was probably too focused on getting out and exploring the world.

06/22/23 11:03 AM #82    


James O'Neil

I too don't remember much about graduation. Not sure if it had to do with some type of ingested substance or fear as I knew I was leaving for Parris Island in 3 days. I do not remember about a valedictorian either. Someone mentioned Paul Lemaire and I do remember that he aced the SATs so obviously he was wicked smart.

As to Suze's point, I would be up for more frequent reunions as well. 

09/05/23 04:29 PM #83    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

A while back i googled burning man because i had no clue what it was.


Here is the latest about a recent burning man festival. 
Maybe we can invent our own celebratory festival not as risky for all who turned 70 next year.


09/05/23 07:16 PM #84    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)


Fun idea! But what? And where? 

I'm safely back in maine for two more weeks! 


09/06/23 11:51 AM #85    

Richard McManus

                                       Where is everyone?  Seems I'm the only NHS Class of '71 here...

09/06/23 12:50 PM #86    


Jeff Bliss

So sorry I'm late to the party but my former email was hacked so I couldn't post until I was reregistered.

I am flattered that folks thought I was valedictorian but I wasn't, and I'm not sure one was ever announced? And Chris Pooley is correct - I opted to run for Class VP vs. Pres again to avoid arranging all the reunions, but Bruce dropped out - maybe as payback? Anyway, Ginny and the gang have done a great job after I moved to LA in keeping us engaged and setting up all our fun reunions. Have now been in DC/VA since 1990 for the World Cup, married an awesome UNC grad, and we have an amazing 16 year old HS junior. I stepped down last summer as CEO/Board director for a global sports software company (USOPC, Special Olympics, etc.) and am back consulting part-time and enjoying life - biking, Nantucket, selling our RE investments, et al.

Have stayed in touch with some of the NHS gang - Rich McM (swimming out at Burning Man?), Joe Martin, John Horn, et al, and really enjoyed catching up with everyone at our 50th. We have an awesome class! Enjoy some cooler weather (hopefully soon) and stay happy and healthy.  

09/06/23 02:39 PM #87    

Michael Davis (Davis)

Burning Man? WTF!!! I'm too damned old for 'shrooms & mollies. 

Even Zozobra burning here in Santa Fe is nuts. So, what did I do? 

Flyfishing last weekend on the Quality Waters of the San Juan River. I had only two major decisions to make: black gnat or olive gnat. Yes, I caught over 10 monster trout 18-24" in size, & only monsters. 

The brownies are stronger & will lunk when hooked. Then they take off like a bat outa hell & w/ POWER. 

The bows act more like a teenager w/ ADD. Crazy ass movement, right-left-right, followed by a fierce head vibration. 

I did land one cut-bow, which was my first. 

My wife had the "pleasure" of staying home & harvesting our Seckel pears & Georgia Belle peaches. Yum! There's no comparing to placid & incipid store-bought fruit. Last of the fruit to be harvested will be a few Asian pears. The garden still is yielding tomatoes, zukes & cukes.  


09/06/23 10:25 PM #88    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

To answer Pauline not sure but it would maybe be too much fun. And don't know whrere or what.
i am pretty sure Rich Mcmanus has lead a way more risky life given his acomplished sailing adventures. 

09/06/23 10:59 PM #89    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

Yeah Carol, Rich has led the risky life! Nit up for burning man , I'm up for a beach party! 


09/07/23 07:19 PM #90    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

I saw what happened at the Burning Man event-crazy weather!  I thought of you Burning Man fans, and wondered if anyone made it.  Obviously, Rich did!

09/07/23 07:30 PM #91    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

I was online the other day and saw the obituary of Greg McCabe.  He lived here in Falmouth, died beginning of Sept, I think.  He was in our class.  RIP Greg.

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