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The message forum is an ongoing dialogue pertaining to the 50th class reunion. Again our apologies for removing some of the messages to make room to answer incoming questions.


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07/11/21 02:14 PM #1    


James O'Neil

Thanks Carol, it's a great idea.   Another thing I wanted to bring up as an option for any classmates in recovery, is that there's an AA meeting at Carter Methodist in the Heights on Friday evenings.  There's a beginners meeting that starts at 6:30 followed by a regular meeting at 9.  Both of them are "open meetings" so anyone is welcome.  It would be a great way to get a boost of serenity before the other events of the reunion. I'd be happy to commit to being there if anyone else is interested and wants to join in.  You can either hit me up here or on my email or call or text (508) 613-5933.



07/12/21 10:29 AM #2    


Chris Pooley

Carol & other 1971 Classmates,

One of the other activities mentioned was a round of golf.  While I am working on this at the Needham Golf Club, we currently have a 1 guest policy.  The amount of play with Covid has been greater than ever making tee times hard to get.  While there is still a possibity, the number of players would be small i.e. 8-12.  I will post if things change.

Best wishes,


08/08/21 12:20 PM #3    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

Classmates, the recent mailer invitation / registration form for our reunion on October 9th mentioned a Golf Event being organized by Chris Pooley.  Unfortunately For this event we had a disconnect about the possibility of having a golf event at the Needham Golf Club.  Since Covid started last year the golf club has been booked solid almost every day.  Due to the amount of play members are limited to bringing one guest per day so organizing an event is not possible.  We apologize for the misunderstanding and look forward to seeing you at the reunion.

Regards to all!

The Reunion Committee

08/16/21 01:42 PM #4    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

      Friday October 8, 2021

6:30 p.m.  football home game vs. Braintree is on the Needham High School game schedule

FYI  there are 88 attendees including spouses so far keep it coming so this can happen. Hopefully we are all vacinated by now and will be comfotable enough to attend. Again we will be following guidlines set up by the state, town,  and the Needham Golf Club.

08/30/21 06:50 PM #5    


Chris Pooley

We all have our concerns about the resurgence of Covid-19.  For some people a reunion of more than a small number of people may be too many.  I respect everyone's choice about getting vaccinated and personally do not want to be in any large group where there may be some who are unvaccinated. 

I am a member of the Needham Golf Club and as a club we have always taken the high road regarding Covid-19 following guidelines established by the Town of Needham and being more stringent in some instances.  The work by the club and support of the membership is a success.  Our club is safe, clean, and the banquet room where our reunion will be held can handle groups of over 150 people so the 1971 reunion crowd should have plenty of space.    

While I want to see as many of our classmates as possible, everyone needs to make their own choices about how they are responding to Covid-19 according to their personal risk factors.  People who have concerns regarding the size of the group or are high risk probably should not attend.  My hope is everyone who will attend is vaccinated.  

These are very strange times in our lives.  

be well, 


08/31/21 10:47 AM #6    


Linda L. Marston, PhD

Thanks Tom and Chris for your comments.  I would like to remind folks that COVID is airborne, not a surface spreader.  That said, one always needs to be aware of public venues, just normally.  Get the Vax, get tested if you've been exposed, and don't do something you're uncomfortable with.  Unvaxed folks, for whatever reason, should not come.  Don't forget your booster shot later this Fall.  Looking forward to the Reunion!!


09/10/21 03:46 PM #7    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

Does anyone think they would try to attend a pay your own way breakfast/brunch on Sunday October 10 at the Needham Sheraton.

please email

If yes and

number of people.


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