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03/06/24 03:49 PM #143    


John Dewey

I actually have the DVD somewhere.  My father lived at North Hill and loved it.

03/06/24 04:26 PM #144    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)



I knew the Prohodski'sc Susie took ballet from my mom, and my mom bought all her best at the highland ave market! 




03/06/24 04:32 PM #145    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

Fabulous story Carol' 

03/06/24 06:04 PM #146    

Paul Clancy

Carol, thanks so much for sharing this video.  I learned a lot about Needham history, and it brought back so many good memories of growing up in Needham  - including memories of Needham's 250th anniversary back in 1961, when most of us were 8 years old.  To top it off, the video was narrated by noted Needham resident (at one time, at least) Natalie Jacobsen.  It was a well-spent hour watching it.  

03/07/24 09:09 AM #147    

Ken Cummings

What a very well done documentary about Needham.  The part about the Powers family during WW II at 40 Grant Street was particularly interesting as we moved to Needham (from Amherst) when I was 6 and lived at 108 Grant Street. I vaguely remember the house since I walked to all three schools I passed it a lot.

03/08/24 07:45 PM #148    


Bruce Hazam

Great documentary, Carol. Fascinating history. It was something to see Henry Hicks in there, too! Thanks for posting!

03/11/24 04:11 PM #149    


Chris Pooley

This video was awesome!  Ginny and I enjoyed seeing the Town growing up.  The storefronts from the 60's, 70's and 80's bring back lots of memories.  Henry Hicks commentary is an added bonus.  While in high school Keith Crawford and I used to bike over to Lake Sabrina in "West Needham" and climbed around in the bear caves from the old Baker amusement park (no bears).  



04/30/24 08:29 PM #150    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

Another fun get together May 12 th at the Horses Theives Tavern in Dedham
Message from The Jazz Connection (Doug Spalding)

Want all of our great listeners to know that we have a slight
change in our schedule. We are playing the second Sunday
of May, Mother's Day! 
Dedham Jazz Connection 

05/04/24 03:00 PM #151    

Elli Sherman (Cyr)


On Thursday May 16, 2024  at 6:00     
David Goethel will speak at The Rye Public Library, NH

ON  his book "Endangered Species"  

free and open to the Public









05/11/24 04:49 PM #152    


Linda L. Marston, PhD

What's Up, Doc?  From May 4th, Paul Lambert and I posing with Bugs Bunny at "Bugs Bunny Live with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra."  Paul is the Symphony's President and CEO.  My husband Dennis Bromery and I really enjoyed this special occasion.  Thank you, Paul, for bringing this to Springfield! 

05/12/24 11:51 AM #153    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

Love the pics, Linda!  Eat those carrots, bugsy!

05/13/24 07:46 AM #154    


John Dewey

WCRB use to sponser an afertnoon with the POPS called HI HO Disney.

They would show all the movie clips with classical music in the back ground. A lot of Fantasia.

They also did a Wha'ts Up Doc program.  KILL THE WABBIT, KILL THE WABBIT.

05/13/24 11:50 AM #155    

John Martin

Thanks LInda for the nice photo of you and Paul L.  You are both looking great.

Paul, I'm very impressed that you head up the Springfield Symphony. I'll try and find the web site and check out your performances.  I'm a supporter of KDFC out here in the Bay Area.  When I was at Babson  for business school, along with multiple NHS classmates: ( Paul Clancy, Chris Pooley, Betsy Alden & Chuck Allen), we  did a fascinating and indepth case study of the business side of the Boston Symphony in our capstone class at Babson, Policy Formulation.

05/14/24 03:31 PM #156    


David Solomon

Hi Everybody,

I hope everyone is doing well.

Remember me?  For the vast majority, probably not.  😊

During high school, I worked at McNamara’s Pharmacy (Rexall), weekdays from 3 to 6, and Saturdays from 9 to 12.  McNamara’s was on Great Plain Avenue, next to Brigham’s.

Like our classmate David, I have written a book.  It was published last month and it’s a parenting (actually, parenting plus) book, titled The Peace, No Arguments Mindset and 50 Other Ways to Achieve Positive Outcomes and Happiness for Your Children and Family.

The book will help parents prevent and resolve arguments to achieve positive outcomes and maintain the many benefits of harmony within the family.  Children and the family can enjoy peace and happiness, and create and cherish wonderful memories.

My wife Kathleen and I adopted our two daughters, at 10 and 12 years of age.  My parenting philosophies, principles, and practices have been developed and shared with our daughters.  I learned about the challenges of parenting, especially with the additional challenges of caring for children adopted when they were older with pre-adoption traumatic histories.

In addition to effective parenting strategies, the book provides strategies for argument prevention and resolution, and creating positive outcomes, for everyone.

The parenting principles and practices described in this book will probably not directly apply to you, the members of the Class of ’71.  However, your sons and daughters, or their sons and daughters, may (hopefully would) find the information in the book relevant and worthwhile.

If you would like to take a look and get more information, my website is:

The website has links to some of the places where the book (eBook and paperback) is available, including Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play Books.

Thank you for considering. 

Bye for now,




05/14/24 07:04 PM #157    


Carol Atwood (Toran)


Can't wait to read it  congrats!

05/20/24 05:31 AM #158    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

  •  FYI. Another fun time JUNE 2,2024 

  •  Doug Spalding plays at the LIVE JAZZ BRUNCH 

    12:00pm – 3:00pm Horse Thieves Tavern 585 High Street  Dedham, MA, 02026

    Reservation recommended. 781-708-9185

05/21/24 06:03 PM #159    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

Rather than do a survey i am posting this invite from the NHS class of 1972


Thank you for replying to my email.  We had a planning meeting recently  and some asked if we might invite the Classes of '71 and '73 to the party.  We estimate the ticket price to be $75.00 with a full spread of hot appetizers (4) and a buffet of stuffed chicken or veggie pasta dishes as entrees.  Complete with salads, steamed vegetables, a bread tray, etc.  All are put on by Roche Bros catering who will provide servers.  Cash bar, dancing, and LIVE music performed by Suffrin Blye.  These guys are Class of '72 and '73 classmates who have been playing together for 50+ years.  

We would be interested to see if any of your class wants to come along for the fun.  Here is the page on our site for event details.

Looking forward to seeing you at the 72 turns70 party on October 4th, 2024 at the Village Club Needham

From The NHS 1972 reunion comitee"


So that i may respond please send me an email if you have any interest 

05/22/24 11:03 AM #160    


Chris Pooley

Sounds like a fun idea!  What not get a larger group and see some of our NHS friends.



05/22/24 04:06 PM #161    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

sounds fun,,,  i like the idea too, depends on the date, but between the musicals, and track team, i def knew a bunch from bothclasses, . oh yes, and my sisters friends too

05/22/24 05:02 PM #162    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

The more, the merrier!  Hoping the class of '71 would have a good showing too-esp those who didn't get to our 50th reunion, around COVID time.  I love seeing everyone.  Also know people from the other classes.  My late brother was in the class of '73.

05/26/24 07:25 AM #163    


Virginia Vasil (Dorn)


Hi Carol,

I think adding the class of '72 would be a great idea.   As has already been said, the more the merrier!  Looking forward to hearing more.

Hope to see you on 6/2 in Dedham for the last performance of the season.


Yes I do plan on going.


06/03/24 11:09 PM #164    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

I have taken down the post about the 72 turns 70 celebration party

The clss of 72 will handle registration diferently. 
I will be posting a link as soon as i can get it to work.

06/07/24 05:03 AM #165    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

Here is the repost.

 Hey Class of 1971

We want to invite you to our Class of 1972 Birthday Party. Our 72turns70 Party!

It’s going to be an all-Needham event!

Friday, October 4, 2024 at the Needham Village Club.  The scene of Ballroom Dancing Classes with Mrs. Gifford and Mr. Champagne.

Catering is provided by Roche Bros. of Needham.  A few of you worked for Bud and Pat back in the day.

Live music by Suffrin’ Blye…all NHS graduates.

We’ll have a great menu of hot appetizers, two different entrees (one vegetarian), sides, salads, rolls, and desserts. 

Cash Bar and dancing!

The ticket price is $75.00 per attendee.  The last day to register is September 21, 2024.

Feel free to cruise around our website You’ll find music, pictures, Needham High memories, and more!

You can only use the link below to register as there is no option for the Class of 1971 to register on our site.

Here is the page to register for the event

Come on home and party with your friends. 


Your 72turns70 Paahty Plannahs

Mary Beth Claus (Tobin) * Jack Recco * Karen Hall (Hasenfus) * Lynn Reeder (Bilodeau)

Arlene Weener (Levin) * Bob Kjellman *  Brian Cameron


Looking forward to seeing you at the 72turns70 party on October 4th, 2024


Brian Cameron

72turns70 Paahhty Plannahh


We are always looking for missing classmates.  You can help us find them at Send me any information about our missing classmates you might have. 


06/09/24 04:55 PM #166    

John Martin

Sounds great, Carol.....I'd be in favor of helping organize some Team Bombardment matches  from the different class years. I'm sure it would liven up the party a bit.  Maybe the 72 and 73 year classes can match up and the Class of 71 will take on the winner!

06/10/24 08:59 AM #167    


Linda L. Marston, PhD

I am registered, with my husband Dennis attending, too.

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