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10/25/21 08:47 PM #24    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

Just posted some new photos from Jeff Bliss.

Thanks Jeff!

10/26/21 07:40 PM #25    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

Thanks for more pics to look at and remember what fun the 50th was!

  Thanks, Jeff, Diane, Carol...

11/03/21 05:30 PM #26    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

Bobby Fields is in another reunion website for NHS.     He wrote a lot about what he's been up to since HS, & has a few pics posted too.  Awesome to see another classmate!

01/25/22 10:11 AM #27    

John Dewey

I just saw this obituary

Martha Jane "Marty" (Gaudet) Remsen

January 16, 2022

Obituary for Martha Jane "Marty" (Gaudet) Remsen | Eaton Funeral Home (


Thank you john for posting this.
As i remember Ms Gaudet was a great inspiration to many of our clasmates. 
Throughout our high school years she taught phys ed and coached field hockey. Later she worked at her husbands business and continued to support our Needham community.  
RIP dear Martha Gaudet Remsen

01/26/22 02:43 PM #28    

Paul Clancy

I had an English class with Miss Gaudet.  She was definitely one of the better teachers I had at NHS.  Thanks for passing along her obituary.  While she was coaching the women's tennis team I recall a time when I was playing tennis with a friend on a Needham public court and she arrived with her team to hold a practice.  She recognized me from her class a year or two beforehand, said hello, and was kind enough to let us finish our set before she took over all the courts to hold a practice with her team.  Very classy person.

Paul Clancy

01/26/22 03:54 PM #29    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

I remember Mrs Gaudet

I had her for English I think my junior year, I wasn't her best student by far, but she made English interesting in a subject I want very fond of!!




01/26/22 04:43 PM #30    

Barbara Bowen (Carr)

If I recall correctly, I had Miss Gaudet for sophomore year AP English. I liked her! In reading her obit, I see that she was just 8 years older than us & a Needham resident. I wonder if her job at NHS was her first after college? I did not know she was active at Carter Memorial Methodist Church & was the president of their choir for 50 years!

Her funeral was broadcast on YouTube, if you'd like to see it. I don't seem to be able to post a link here, but just search "Carter Memorial Methodist Church" on YouTube, streamed live on January 22, 2022.

Condolences & memories can be posted on Legacy or the Eaton Funeral Home sites.




01/26/22 04:57 PM #31    

Susanne Mickles

I have always remembered "Miss Gaudet." She was my teacher in seventh grade. She was also the best in so many ways. So sorry to hear of her passing.

01/27/22 12:11 PM #32    


Linda L. Marston, PhD

RIP, Miss Gaudet.  I remember her fondly as one of my best teachers.  

01/27/22 07:45 PM #33    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

I remember Ms Gaudet as coaching some sports-I had Mrs Sparks for track, if anyone remembers her.  Pauline, you may remember "Ollie".  She was scary!  Ms Gaudet seemed kind, as far as coaching was concerned.

I didn't know she sang either-that's great!


01/27/22 07:59 PM #34    


Chris Pooley

Martha Gaudet was an excellent teacher and had a big heart.  

02/28/22 04:35 PM #35    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

Marjorie Ann Keary at the age of 98 passed away. She was an art teacher either at NHS or Newman.  She also was a resident of Osterville, not too far from me here in Falmouth.
She was well-liked by her students, if I recall correctly.
Enjoy the snow!

Just thought I would pass this message from Sue Seri

03/01/22 12:29 PM #36    


Bruce Hazam

"Miss Keary" was our art teacher at Stephen Palmer Elementary School and we always looked forward to her class visits. Happy to learn that she lived such a long life, although it's sad to learn that she passed on. I can still remember her teaching us how to paint snow, e.g., on tree branches (a thin blue [cool] line to indicate the top of the snow). Other happy memories, too!

03/01/22 02:14 PM #37    

Susanne Mickles

I enjoyed her art classes so much. She is responsible for my art interests today!

03/01/22 04:52 PM #38    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

This message is from Nancy Burns Felts.  Thanks  for sharing this Nancy!

Forwarding a message from Mr Enos's granddaughter, Sarah Eig, via Facebook:

"My grandfather, Robert Enos, will be turning 90 on March 2nd! What a great opportunity to reach out into the internet world and see what connections from his 90 years we can find to surprise him with on his momentous birthday! He is a father to 5, grandfather to 9, and great grandfather to 8. He is a truly incredible artist who has done a number of local shows, he taught art at Needham High School for 37 years (1960 - 1997), served in the US Army in the Canal Zone (1954 - 1956?), attended MassArt (early 1950s) before it was cool and spent most of his life taking a boat out to a vacation cottage on Peddocks Island in the Boston Harbor. He survived polio while in the service, loves Cape Cod beer, was an avid curler (2004 - 2014 yup he started at 72 and went into his 80s) and makes a mean guacamole. He has been truly touched when hearing of his impact on others lives and we can’t think of a better gift for him now!

We are looking for connections - we would love to collect birthday wishes, memories, stories and even pictures. If you know him we would love to hear from you and if you know someone who may know him we would be very thankful if you would share this message. Of course we have an email address - If you prefer to send a classic birthday card, please reach out to me and we can make that happen, too. 

Thank you in advance for helping us get this message where it needs to go!"

03/02/22 03:08 PM #39    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

Hi Bancy,I remember him from HS.  The art rooms were a fun, laid-back place to be creative.  I remember him as being very tall, & maybe had a big moustache?  I'll have to double-check the pic in the yearbook.  I had Mrs. Mountain & Mr. Bush, I think.  There was also a young woman w straight long hair (probably described half of our class back then!)  Linda was her first name, she taught art also.  I liked art back then & joined the Art Club, but that could have been in jr high.  Good times!

03/02/22 07:50 PM #40    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

i Hi Nancy, I had Mr Enos for Art 1/5 as a sophomore or Art 2/5 as a junior. I always loved art and although I wasn't one of his protégés I always enjoyed him as a teacher,

he might like to know I pursued Watercolor about 25 years ago

and I'm doing my first Art show in April

I'll email him and send him a copy of a few pieces






03/17/22 06:36 AM #41    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

Just added a link from Bruce Hazams page to the yearbook pages . 
It was fun to look at thank you Bruce!

To see Go to Year book and reunion photos   "Old Needham" click on the link it should  take you to Bruces page  where you can see this video of old Needham pictures. 

04/30/22 06:49 AM #42    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

Anyone interested in old Needham History?

05/07/22 11:55 AM #43    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

A great mentor coach and teacher RIP Mr. Griffin

Subject: Memory of John E. Griffin

John E. Griffin
February 18, 1923 - April 29, 2022
Visit John's tribute page to read the full obituary, gather event information and share a memory or express your condolences.

Show your support with flowers
Visit the Tribute Store to send fresh flowers to the family of John E. Griffin, hand-delivered by a local florist.
Brought to you by Tribute Archive

08/17/22 07:28 PM #44    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

Sorry to hear of Bill McCarthy passing above is the link to his obituary.

He taught History and economics at Needham High. 
RIP Mr. McCarthy. 

08/17/22 07:43 PM #45    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

We started to post Happy Birthday wishes but realized you already get the notice of the birthdays.  
Not to be a downer and birthday messages are much nicer to receive. 
Yet every now and then we get messages about a death that might be relevent to some of us so we will pass it along. 

12/28/22 12:16 PM #46    

Richard McManus

For most of us - we’re entering or 70th year.  How about we celebrate with an informal reunion at the 2023 Burning Man!  Who’s with me!

12/29/22 10:07 AM #47    


Linda L. Marston, PhD

Richard McManus, I love the idea of us 70 year olds attending a groovy event like Burning Man.  I'll join the 70's club in March 2023.  I propose all we 70-ers spend our Seventies living like it's The 70's again.  Rock on!

12/29/22 05:38 PM #48    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

Woohoo!  I'll be 70 end of March 2023, Linda-rock on!

I am embarrassed to say I have no idea who Burning Man is...but if music is involved, I'm in!  I know who John Belushi is-awesome memories of Animal House and Samurai Tailor/Deli, etc.

Some of our class have already hit the stupendous seventies-so far, many of them are enjoying it.

I'd like to suggest more frequent reunions now that we are aging to the 70s-don't worry, Carol, we'll help you!!!  You've kept our class together since we graduated-no small feat!

I wish a happy healthy & serene New Year 2023 to my classmates of the class of '71. 

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