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04/30/22 06:49 AM #42    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

Anyone interested in old Needham History?

05/07/22 11:55 AM #43    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

A great mentor coach and teacher RIP Mr. Griffin

Subject: Memory of John E. Griffin

John E. Griffin
February 18, 1923 - April 29, 2022
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08/17/22 07:28 PM #44    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

Sorry to hear of Bill McCarthy passing above is the link to his obituary.

He taught History and economics at Needham High. 
RIP Mr. McCarthy. 

08/17/22 07:43 PM #45    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

We started to post Happy Birthday wishes but realized you already get the notice of the birthdays so we will stop the duplicates. 
Yet every now and then we get a message about a death that might be relevent to us so we will continue pass  those along.

12/28/22 12:16 PM #46    

Richard McManus

For most of us - we’re entering or 70th year.  How about we celebrate with an informal reunion at the 2023 Burning Man!  Who’s with me!

12/29/22 10:07 AM #47    


Linda L. Marston, PhD

Richard McManus, I love the idea of us 70 year olds attending a groovy event like Burning Man.  I'll join the 70's club in March 2023.  I propose all we 70-ers spend our Seventies living like it's The 70's again.  Rock on!

12/29/22 05:38 PM #48    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

Woohoo!  I'll be 70 end of March 2023, Linda-rock on!

I am embarrassed to say I have no idea who Burning Man is...but if music is involved, I'm in!  I know who John Belushi is-awesome memories of Animal House and Samurai Tailor/Deli, etc.

Some of our class have already hit the stupendous seventies-so far, many of them are enjoying it.

I'd like to suggest more frequent reunions now that we are aging to the 70s-don't worry, Carol, we'll help you!!!  You've kept our class together since we graduated-no small feat!

I wish a happy healthy & serene New Year 2023 to my classmates of the class of '71. 

02/18/23 08:57 PM #49    


Joseph Iagulli

Having caught up with Rich McManus at the Reunion in October I can understand his interest in Burning Man.  It's a very high end festival in the northern desert of Nevada.  You essentially need to bring your RV to stay in.  A modern version of the Woodstock mentality without the music.  To celebrate my 70th birthday in late March, I am doing three ski trips here in the West this winter, plus purchased a small RV to get out of the Phoenix summer weather.  Getting out to enjoy nature.  It's amazing how healthy we are at this age, we should celebrate!!

02/18/23 11:20 PM #50    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

Well being the august baby I'm one of the last to turn 70, I keep saying the number so I get use to the idea! Nevada sounds a little far to gather , lol, but the cape sounds fun! 




02/20/23 10:05 AM #51    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

70 is huge!  Every day is amazing.  Pauline, I remember Humarock-fun times!  

Wish we could have a 70th bday party for our whole class somewhere.  Combo reunion/bday party.

Cape gets ridiculously crowded in summertime.  It's nice right now-no snow, not too cold, not too crowded.

Party on!  Thanks for all the info on Burning Man too.  A bit far, but sounds like fun.

02/21/23 08:04 AM #52    


Linda L. Marston, PhD

Uh, oh, maybe a summer mini-reunion at Fourth Cliff in Humarock?  As a veteran, my husband can reserve the outdoor Pavillion overlooking the ocean and river surrounding the peninsula.  Maybe we could do a "Burning Rocket-Man" on a grill, or on the beach (if the climate allows for open fire pits on the beach.  BYOB, potluck, order your own Bridgeway pizza ...  We're even planning our annual stay there mid-June.  🔥🚀😎

02/22/23 11:56 AM #53    


James O'Neil

Fourth Cliff is a great idea for those who are local. I would definitely drive up for it. I never knew it existed until 2004, as it is a relatively unknown spot. When we were getting ready to deploy to Iraq in 2004, my unit had a send-off cookout there and it was great.

I am aware of Burning Man but never had the desire to go. If I am going to travel to party, I am more likely to go to Sturgis.


02/22/23 11:59 AM #54    


Andy Green

Being 70 is great; but having headed West in 1975, my memory of things back home has begin to fade...I had to Google Humarock to find out where it was!! I may need to return just to recharge my memories!

02/22/23 04:21 PM #55    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

Humarock would be oerfect, it's where I spent my summers from 1962-1976.  Top secret, even though I have a vacation house in maine, I wanted to spend my 70th birthday with my family at my fav place on earth. Unfortunately nothing big enough available for august 10th, so I found a place for sug 27-sept 4. Essentially Labor Day weekend . All booked, I'm having a party on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend for fsmily and a few close friends , but hell ya I can def get into a 1953 70th birthday party! Down humarock !  I'll even dj 




02/22/23 05:40 PM #56    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

So Andy when people would say, where the hell is humarock, I would say, that's why I go there!  It's too crowded anyway , and we didn't have to get in all the cape traffic 



02/22/23 06:38 PM #57    

Richard McManus

Burning Man Humarock!

02/22/23 07:21 PM #58    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

A lot of chats here about Humarock. Love the idea mostly because we have been fortunate enough to have sumers there since the beginning of covid. My daughter has also made use of the 4th cliff housing.  4th cliff is a hiden gem made available for the military. I am only hesitant because of the limited parking issues at Humarock at the public beach and at the 4th cliff area.. The 4th cliff maybe a good place to have a party. I am pretty sure you would have to  be military to sponsor any kind of party.  Maybe we can chat about that Jim O'niel. It would be so much fun to have some kind of beach patty. All good ideas.
Any other ideas please chime in.about location ideas or timing. Everyone could bring their own. I am hoping  we are talking about off season as I imagine alot of us will be busy during Sumer. 

02/22/23 07:26 PM #59    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

Whoa!  Awesome pic of Burning Man!  yes, Humarock, I remember it fondly.  Here on the Cape it is ridiculously crowded, for sure, in summer.  Lots of crazy stuff happens here in winter too.  Every time we have a power outage, it's because someone has driven into a pole, or a bird has fried itself by standing with 1 foot on 2 separate wires, causing a 3-hr power outage.  

Everyone's thinking about their 70th, I can see!  I already celebrated one with Linda.  Mine's end of March, my fam is already planning a 3-day trip to Boston (haven't been anywhere since covid, except for our kids' home in Needham) and some family dinners.  Hiow did we get to be 70?  So cool!

Happy planning, Pauline!  Woohoo, Linda, & everyone who is already 70!  My weight and age are rising together...not optimal but at least I work out a lot.  sigh.

02/22/23 08:36 PM #60    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

Carol , maybe I'll see you down there' it was your inspiration that got me looking for a place! 

02/23/23 08:15 AM #61    


Linda L. Marston, PhD

Richard McManus, Maybe you could bring a 12 to 18-inch version for Humarock?  🚀😎🌊

03/15/23 10:10 AM #62    

Joyce Volk (Balaich)

Its the ides of march! Happy Birthday Beverly
talk to you soon,Joyce

06/18/23 03:55 PM #63    


Carol Atwood (Toran)

Does anyone remember who was class valedictorain?
Someone is asking I think it was Jeff Bliss but I am not sure. 

06/19/23 11:22 AM #64    

James Papadonis

Paul Lemaire

06/19/23 03:11 PM #65    


Philip Hopfe

I am thinking it was Jeff Bliss as well......

06/19/23 04:25 PM #66    


Pauline Harwood (Wright)

I think it was Janice Lee, ir Norman Rehn 


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