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Bradford Minkle

Bradford Minkle

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10/05/16 08:16 AM #1    

Paul Rossi

Brad, Peter Simole, and I (Paul Rossi) were best of friends in high school.  Brad was "cool" - one who was good at anything he did.  We loved cars and working on them.  He had a Corvair and then got a Chevy Chevelle, which Brad souped up to be a "race car".  He was smart and good with his hands.  He could build anything. He was in a band, the "Ardvark  Society", playing guitar.  He was into the best bands of the day.  We would cruise Needham playing "In A Godda Da Vida" on my 8-track, in my 1964 Ford Galaxy 500, with a hood scoop!  Those were the days!  I moved away and left Needham after college.  Brad and I got together a few times after that.  Brad married Corine and had a daughter, Tracy, both wonderful women.  I miss Brad a lot.  I wish we had seen more of each other since moving away.  Brad, Rest In Peace, my good friend.  I miss you.  Most sincerely, Paul Rossi

10/05/16 01:46 PM #2    

Pauline Harwood (Wright)

iYeah Paul, you are right, Brad was a great guy

I had a lot of classes with him over the years, and a

Lot of laughs,

he use to flirt with me at times,, fun memories. 

I was stupid to not go out with him.. Esp after reading your memories, and his love of music and cars,,


10/07/16 01:37 PM #3    

James O'Neil

Didn't know Brad well in school but got to know him after I got out of the Marine Corps (the 1st time). We played hockey in a men's league in Westwood. Actually there was probably more drinking than hockey. Somehow, at some point, we decided it was a good idea to go to Providence to get tattooed. I think he got a Roadrunner or Yosemite Sam.   He was a great guy. Very sad to hear of his passing. RIP. 

10/08/16 02:02 PM #4    

Cheryl Ellis (Ham-Ellis)

Multitude of fond memories. RIP, Brad

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