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10/07/10 08:33 AM #1    

Carol Atwood (Toran)

Please Help!

There are over 161 missing classmate addresses.

Please take time to help out if you or anyone you know have kept in touch, or if you know of anyone who has passed away and is not in the in memory list.

Please send an update.

In order to cut down on mailing expenses it is also going to be important to have updated e-mail addresses for future communications.


08/12/16 11:38 AM #2    


Martin J. Appel

Hello everybody this is marty appel and i live in waltham, mass. my cell is 617-645-7810 and i text too. i would enjoy meeting my fellow classmates that live in waltham or surrounding towns for lunch or supper. i am retired. i hope i hear from you soon. i would enjoy seeing you again, your classmate marty

08/28/16 09:12 PM #3    

Andy Green

We should have a local reunion for those of us our here in the SF Bay Area...I've been in San Jose for 33 years!


10/10/16 06:16 PM #4    

Carol Atwood (Toran)

Looking for any good photos my pics did not come out that great so email me whatever you have.

02/17/18 09:27 AM #5    

Carol Atwood (Toran)

 Any one out there have Bob Fitzgerald’s email address. I am trying to contact him and the address on our website is not working.

02/19/18 09:19 PM #6    

Carol Atwood (Toran)

Thanks everyone!


02/24/18 10:52 PM #7    


Joseph Iagulli (Iagulli)

Hi to all my NHS Classmates from 1971,

I am retired here in Scottsdale AZ.  Considering the weather in New England at this time of year, if anyone comes for sunny AZ, please send me a note, I would enjoy treating you to a Happy Hour at one of our fine establishments.  That is a prime activity at this time of life, I enjoy hearing stories of our lives, and the children.

If anyone from the class is located here in AZ, please email and we'll get together for a drink.

I plan to come to Massachusetts this coming fall to visit my brother in Newton, and enjoy the Indian Summer, with a trip through New England.  It's been decades since I had fresh clams and lobster.

Joe Iagulli




02/25/18 08:12 AM #8    

Carol Atwood (Toran)

At each reunion It has been customary to make a donation from the class to a different cause. Recently a classmate lost their sunshine, she was only 35. Hoping to save some of so many lost souls. The comittee will be making a small donation from our last reunion to Right Turn Rehabilitation Center in Watertown Ma. in her name.

For more information about Right Turn go to

If anyone would like to make additional donations click on the link which can also be found on the donation page.

02/25/18 11:35 AM #9    

Paul Connors

Hi Everyone 

When is the next reunion?

Paul Connors 

02/25/18 03:36 PM #10    


Suzanne Pike (Seri)

Thanks, Carol.  I have lost many friends & their kids, so I think this donation is excellent idea.


02/26/18 03:21 PM #11    


James O'Neil

I agree. Right Turn does great work just wish there were more around, especially with what’s going on with that issue these days. . I know a couple of people who’ve worked there at different times.   Thanks Carol. 

02/26/18 08:36 PM #12    

Carol Atwood (Toran)

To answer you Paul Connors. The next reunion will be in 2021 generally it is every 5 years. Paul I hope you get this. There is no email address in your details page you can enter your email address there. We still use snail mail but like to also have current email addresses. Thanks Paul

08/15/19 11:52 PM #13    


Thomas Murphy

Woodstock 50 years. I think of Craig and Peter King....and smile. I would love to sit down with Craig's family and share a few stories. Hope you are all doing well. Lookind forward to the next reuion.

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