Class Reunion Survey

2021 will soon be here. So we will soon be reserving a venue for our 50th class reunion. To take place on October 9th 2021.

We are posting this very short survey it would help a great deal if you could take a moment to respond

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* Answer Required
1)   * 1) A day of golf

A. Saturday
B. Sunday
2)   * 2) Friday night casual welcome gathering at

A. The Needham Sheraton bar
B. Dunn and Geheran's
3)   * 3. Reunion to take place on Saturday October 9th 2021 at

A. The Needham Golf Club
B. The Old Colonial in Norwood
4)   Hoping to attend

A. Yes
B. No
5)   suggestions for a fun night.

A. Would you like to have a DJ or
B. Background music
Feel free suggest any other ideas you might have.